Simone Peirache
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Born at Sanary sur mer in Provence, at ten years old I gave benefit from Fine Arts Society and, as soon as fifteen, I frequent for two years the Fine Arts Academy of Toulon.
In 1985, I stay in Indonesia and discover terra cotta working by modelling and pottery.
In 1992, I live in French West Indies, discover aquarelle and completely fulfill in for three years.
In 2000, coming back to France, I fit out my atelier at home in Provence.
From 2000 to 2003, after drawing, oil and acrylic painting, and aquarelle, wishful of deepening terra cotta working technics, and specially burning and enamelling, I frequent a pottery atelier for three years.
In 2003, to complete my human body approach, I sculpture with model for one year.
In 2004, a furnace acquisition allows me to personally bake my pieces, then to enamel or (and) to weather them, and to become independent in my artistic creation.
Since 2005, I fully dedicate myself to Sculpture.
Sometimes, I complete terra cotta working by wood carving or other materials that could accompany me.
That quest may require the approach other technics: in 2007 January, I discover the leaded glass window making.

Sculpture is a language, a way of emotions, welcome and sharing, that reveal to every one that everything has a meaning, and that to live is always to climb higher.


Full member of Taylor Fondation, Paris.
Member of Fine Arts, Sciences and Letters Academy, "Il Marzocco", Florence, Italy.
Member of Fine Arts, Sciences and Letters Academy, "Greci-Marino", Verbano, Italy.

5 th Award of Sculpture "Lorenzo il Magnifico" in International Biennale of Contemporary Art of Florence 2009.

Laureate of International Award "Antiqua Terrra d'Etruria", Accademia "Gli Estruschi",Grossetto, Italy, July 2009.
"Incitement" Award, International Competition of Contemporary Art 2009, National Federation of French Culture- European Art Group, July 2009.
"Trofeo - Estate"Award, Accademia Severiade, Milan, Italy, July 2009.
"French Cultural Merit", silver medal, National Federation of French Culture- European Art Group, May 2009.
Named Artist of European Community, National Federation of French Culture- European Art Group, March 2009.
International Award "Michelangelo Buonarroti 2008 and Special Award "Diritti Umani", Cultural Association Italia in Arte, Brindisi, Italy, December 2008.
"Folgore 2008" Award con Premio "Italia", Accademia Italiana 'Gli Etruschi', Livourne, July 2008.
International Grand Prix 'Il Perugino', Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy, May 2008.
Golden Volume, 2007-2008, National Federation of French Culture- European Art Group.
Premio Alba 2008, Ferrara, Italy.
Sculpture award, with committee’s congratulations, of Museum and Culture editions, June 2008, Toulon France.
First award of Sculpture, June 2007, Le Beausset, France.
First award of water colour painting, May 2004, Aix en Provence,France.
Un Chemin qui a du Coeur © S.Peirache

A Way which has Heart ©
June 2005
Enamelled Terra Cotta, fine gold
H=11,4 L=9,1 P=8,1 (Inches)
Private Collection